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Welcome to our quilt pattern web-site. Nature-Scapes Quilting & Design was created by two sisters and with a lot of help and input of a third. Each has been quilting for 20 years or more and still loving it. A warm thank you to Julie Plotniko, a local quilt teacher and quilter for taking the time to look over the patterns and for her perspective and feedback. In our very busy lives - more quilting - have fun - less stress. Try quilting, you’ll love it too.

These appliqué quilt patterns offer the freedom of many choices of colour and design. There is nothing wrong with purple frogs on your quilt if that’s your thing. These quilt patterns each come with instructions on quilting and techniques that you can choose to do to complete the wall quilts. From zig zag/satin stitching and outline quilting for a quicker quilting project, or if your choice is for more elaborate details, techniques are covered for using machine embroidery or metallic threads for appliqué and stipple quilting. The choice is yours. As we all have different levels of experience, these appliqué quilt patterns would be fairly good for beginners of quilting as well: Quilt #NS-300 "Bear and Walrus Appliqué" and Quilt #NS-800 "West Coast Sunset" Quilt #NS -F10 "Stain Glass Iris" stain glass pattern NS-F20, NS-F30 and NS-F40 could easily fit into this category.

We are introducing appliqué quilt patterns for wall quilts to share with you and there will be more quilt patterns to come. We hope you will enjoy browsing through them.

The Stain Glass Leading Technique used for these quilt patterns is a different method - there are no edges to turn under. The leading is cut out in one piece and attached over the appliqués using fusible web and then attached to the quilt top over the appliqués with a zig/zag stitch.

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Thank you for visiting our web-site. Your comments are welcome.

Kathy Morgan & Karen McIver


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